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[QUOTE=Paul24]Hi I am a 24yo male and would like to start some cardio soon. I place on doing soon in my own home and would like some suggestions as to which exercise videos (preferable kickboxing or something similar) would be suitable for a beginner. I was also wondering how often I should work out to start and what frequency I should aim for.



Tai Bo is awesome, beginner intermediate and advance. Anything that keeps your heartrate up for an extended amount of time will do. Find something that you enjoy doing, or most likely you'll find reasons to not workout. I personally enjoy jogging. I started jogging a year ago, and have now gone down from 235 to 170, and i feel and look awesome. I enjoy the freeness i feel when im out and about, and its good on relieving stress.

Try to do somthing for about 30-45 mins everyday. Basketball, jump rope, jogging, punching bag, whatever. Mix it up, and make sure you drink plenty of water.

Whatever you decide, just work into it, push yourself a little harder each time, you'll begin to enjoy how you feel, and feel bad when you don't workout. :P

Main thing is to stick with whatever you choose, if your in it for weightloss, this is KEY! If your in it for other health reasons this is KEY!

Sometimes I'll lay down and watch tv or somthing and think to myself, ill do it tomorrow, but then i just get my *** up and go do it, once im outside i start feeling good. And once 45min is up and i take shower, i feel great and i feel like i didn't even do anything.

Good Luck, start slow, don't go straight for the your way to it. :P

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