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I'm a bit confused. You say that if you lose more weight you'll look anorexic, but that you want to lose more weight?
And in order to lift the rear end through exercise you will have to increase the muscle there, which will probably add weight, but not fat. But that's a serious distinction you need to understand. Lean muscle is good weight to have because it will help the body to use stored fat. If you start doing exercises, do NOT use the scale to gauge progress for thr first few weeks. Use the mirror and how your clothes fit.
If you do body squats, lunges, step aerobics or stair climbing, it will help put some muscle tone back in your rear and lift it up. If you do the exercises for 30-40 minutes 3x a week, it is great cardio which will help with fat burning and overall health. For variety, you can get any of the various aerobic videos. Personally I prefer those that add a bit of resistance work (the small dumbells or bands) but anything is a good place to start and then find which you like best. I hope that helps.

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