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What COULD happen is that by doing too much cardio, you throw your caloric intake out of whack and cause your body to "fight back."

Let's say your body needs 2000 calories per day to survive. So if you eat 2000 calories per day, everything is fine.

Now let's say you burn off an additional 250 calories per day doing aerobic exercise. You're now at 1750 calories per day, which is a small deficit that your body can handle pretty well.

Let's add in a "diet," because most people who go on an "exercise kick" also go on a "diet." Instead of eating 2000 calories, you eat 1750. And you exercise away another 250 calories, so now you are at 1500 calories (net). That will give you weight loss of one pound per week, again something your body can handle, but not as well. You are still "starving" the body, which it will only handle for so long (which is why it's so important to occasionally change your exercise patterns and food intake patterns).

If you take this example to the extreme, it's possible to reach a point where your body just isn't getting enough calories to even function correctly. A good example would be cutting the diet to 1250 calories and then doubling your cardio to burn 500 calories a day.

You're only giving your body 750 calories when it needs 2000. And your body says, "Hey, we're starving to death here... I'd better try and store some energy in case more nutrition doesn't start coming in." And your body stores energy in a way that it can burn it quickly when it needs to: as fat.

So yes, it's possible to do so much cardio that you would gain weight (since fat weighs more than muscle). But you've really got to be doing a LOT of cardio, or really not eating enough calories every day, or a combination of both.

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