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It's usually recommended to eat 6 small meals spaced out through the day to maintain a proper metabolism. If your looking to BUILD muscle, a few of the experts on here advice you to eat 1g of protein per pound of weight. However, for health, it's advised to eat .5g of protein per pound of weight. Anyways you can supplement with a good "whey protein" shake. Optimum Netrition is a good brand. The reason I say that is because it's the best protein assimilated by the muscles, like high quality. :) And, you can eat anything that has a lot of protien, like
beef jerkey
cottage cheese
milk/cows or soy
lean beef
a high protein cereal like Total Protein
It's always BEST to consume your shake after your workout, like right away so your muscles can recover nicely. Try to eat lots of green veggies(spinach salad with cucumbers and olive oil and vinegar is good, brocolli etc), stay away from white refined breads and pastas, essential fatty acids are a vital component to the whole diet even when your not dieting like fish oils or fish, the monosaturated and polys like nuts, olive oil...anything with the mono and poly saturated fats, try to eat no more than 2 servings of fruit a day, eat good "complex carbs" like brown rice, whole grain bread, beans, oatmeal and I would keep a mimimum of 4-6 small servings of this stuff and keep your sugar intake as low as possible to attain a nice muscular body with little fat. Hope this helps. :cool:

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