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Are we talking about "chaffing"? Not sure about the spelling. I have this problem if I run for long periods of time. My problem changed when I bought running shorts. I used to jog in anything. I then went to boxer briefs which helped at first but eventually the briefs would "ride" up high and cause me the problem again. The jogging shorts with the underwear lining made a huge difference. I am now also using the machine that works like a thighmaster. I'm hoping to slim down my inner thighs to help aleviate this problem even more. My limit even with jogging shorts is 6 miles. After that, I will "chaffe" no matter what and it hurts like hell for days. For me it also matters whether I am jogging inside or outside. Outside is worse since I only jog when the temp is above 60 and I believe that I sweat more. I also play a lot of squash which doesn't cause this problem so I guess it's the continual friction happening when you jog. I am not sure if a lubricant will help. I think a lubricant may help at first but it would eventually rub dry giving you the same problem. I work with some guys that are really thin and run marathons and they too have the same problems from time to time.

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