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Re: Abs
Feb 5, 2005
ok, i need to put in my 2 cents here.

I'm 19, weigh 142 pounds and am 5'5.

I've kept this steady weight for a good deal of years, and when I was your age was tall and fuller than other girls. The way I see it is, how to do view your body? Don't give a crap to how others look, your body isn't theirs. It's seeing yourself and thinking "Do I need to change and what".

A lot of the people here are saying "Get rid of stuff". Not going to help, especially at our age group. At least not by just dropping it all in one go.

Limit your intake. Drink like one or two sodas a week, and not like Cola or Pepsi. Try the sparkling juices. They have MUCH less sodium, and calories and have much more juice. Then have like one Pepsi a month, that way it'll feel worth it :D And in place of those sodas, drink juices or water. My favorite drink is Sobe Green Tea. It's healthy and tastes great! Water, yeah that's a tough one because teachers won't let you drink in class. So try to drink at least a few mouth fulls during breaks, and about half a bottle at like recess and lunch. It may not be the full 8, but it's better than nothing.

Also, eat like one fast food thing a week to start one, til you can get to like one or two a month. Also, try eating chicken burgers without cheese and lettece and tomato.

Working out is a major thing, though I do know myself that it's hard trying to do at home with the schedule of school and parents. The way I do it is every two days (your body needs 48 hours of rest each time) I do a full body workout. Also, I love using Dance Dance Resolution, just in trainging mode or light mode and a part of it. That way it stays fun!

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