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For post workout nutrition, carbs and protein are actually equally important. Ideally a whey shake with white sugar. It's as high GI as you can get (oatmeal is actually fairly low GI), but immediately after working out - weights - your glycogen is tapped out, so it will literally soak back into the muscles; it will not become fat as long as you're not taking in too many calories. Ideal scenario is a shake with 25% bodyweight in grams of whey protein, and for fat loss maybe 30% body weight in grams of simple carbs/sugar. So in your case that translates to about 28g protein and 35g carb/sugar. No fat, no fiber, if you can help it. It slows digestion and absorption. Sports drinks are good for simple carbs too (and they replenish electrolytes) but you still need to get in that protein. Whey is really good for this purpose even if you don't use it at any other time.

If you'd rather stick to real food, get yourself some SweetTarts (ok, not really real food, but it's mostly dextrose which is a good sugar for after the workout) and milk or non-fat yogurt. Fruit is okay, but it's not ideal since the primary sugar is fructose which is favored by the liver, not the muscles. Oatmeal would be one of my last choices. Its a complex carb and takes a while to digest. It's a better choice for breakfast than post workout.

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