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ok, oatmeal is very good for you but the best for after workouts are protein!!!! eggs or egg white omlettes or protein shakes, that;s what I drink after my workouts, it helps rebuild and repair broken down muscle which you damaged when you workout... even though oatmeal has protien in it, it also has carbs which your body doesn't need to repair, you can eat it a hour later or so but protein is the best.. but your milkshake... add a protien mix that will be a good combo.... you look like your at you ideal weight so it maybe more difficult to lose a little than to lose alot... hope this helps you
you have the right idea about your healthy food intake but for protien you need about 35g of protein for your weight a day, if you really what to lose try HIIT which is high interval intensity training which is, if your running, do sprints like 30 sec and then jog for 1 1/2 min and then back to sprint for 30 sec, do this for 20 min no more cuz anymore you'll start burning muscle this works great w/ me do this 3 days a week and the off days do your regular workout...... hope this answers your question...

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