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Im baffled
Feb 20, 2005
I have encountered a problem recently. I do cardio 4 times a week(about 3 miles at just under an 8 minute a mile pace) and I lift the other three days). I have almost no body fat so I am pretty toned. If i sit down my abs are still clearly visable. last semester I did this and I ate right and I was able to stay cut and muscular and not really gain or loose weight dispaite not eating a ton of calories. I usually didnt eat breakfest (by that I mean usually not before 11 am) when i lifted I'd have a protein shake after I lift. An Egg beaters omlet or about 5 egg whites with skim milk and a peice of fruit. Between that time and dinner I usually only eat a peice of fruit and maybe Id have some handful of cereal or somthin. then for dinner i'd usually eat some high protien meats with skim milk and fruit. Also sometimes I eat a cookie or a little ice cream with some of my meals. (I also drank prob about once a week give or take on average cause I am in college and many times it would involve eating pizza chips ect.) This was my diet with all my excercise and I was able to maintain a weight in the low 160's (I'm 6 foot). I always had low body fat and has pretty nice size muscles. I can bench about 230-240 which isnt bad for my weight. Anyhow, to get to my problem. When i came back from christmas break i wanted to loose the 5 or so excess pounds I gained over christmas and I also started lifting my legs after I ran. Because I did this I added an extra protein shake or balance bar. (at the beggining i ate a lot less sweets to get my weight back down the couple pounds). Latley I have gone back to pretty much the same routine as last semster yet I keep seeming to loose weight although my strength has stayed the same. I was weirded out because for the past two weeks I have been flirting with 160 but today I was a little under 157! I can't understand why I'm still loosing weight. I mean I have no body fat left on my frame and I'm scared of loosing weight( it doesnt really look bad, I mean it has givin me nice 8 pac and my arms are still pretty big although i always had this even at a higher weight). I dont look skinny cause I have muscle but I'm freaked out about why I am all of a sudden loosing weight. Does anyone think that the leg workout could be causing this even though I only do about 5 excercises. I may not be getting enough cals but it dont make sence because its pretty much the same if not more then last semseter and i was able to maintain my weight while now I'm not. I'm always satified after my meals but like i said I eat egg whites and turkey and chicken as opposed to pizza and fries so I guess getting full of those healthy foods is diffrent then getting full of somthing fattening like pizza. Is there anyway i can maintain my weight without starting to eat bad or doing less workouts? Sorry for the long rant I'm just real confused.

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