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Hey... here's my $.02.

At 6' 200lbs, your basal calorie rate should be around 1850 a day. Your body needs that to exist (basically in a complete resting state like if you were in a hospital bed). I'm guessing you have a moderate activity level (like office work) to you can increase that figure by 50%, meaning that at around 2700 calories a day, you would MAINTAIN your current weight.

You are "guessing" you consume 1400 calories a day. I'd advise if you really want to get serious about this, you keep a more detailed food log or look up the foods you listed and get not only the calorie counts but the make up of each item in Carbs, Protein, and Fat.

So as a rough estimate, you are consuming 9800 calories a week... and your body needs 18900 calories a week to get around from day to day, which gives you a deficit of 9000 calories a week... at 3500 calories per pound, you would be losing a little more than two pounds a week WITHOUT EXERCISE AT ALL. And it looks like you do a fair amount of exercise... :-)

A few other notes on the nutrition portion of your post...


Definitely not enough water... try to get in at least a gallon. 16oz with each meal gets you there pretty quick if you remember to keep sipping on it all day as well.

<<I'm eating 5 meals per day, 2.5-3 hours between meals.>>

Good but you need one more meal a day. See below. And I like the amount of veggies in your diet too.

<I workout in the evenings around 7PM.>>

Definitely you need a meal after the workout. A high protein meal with a little bit of "sweet" carbs and a little bit of "starchy" ones. Depending on how hard you are working out, you might also need another before you go to bed... but that's the best one to skip if you are going to skip a meal.

But back to the workout and how that affects your intake levels. As a rough guess, let's say you burn 10 calories for each minute of your cardio, and you're doing 120 minutes per week as an average. Let's round it up to 1500 calories expended each week to include the weight work. 9000+1500+10,500 deficit, or exactly three pounds a week.

If I read right, you lost approximately 30 pounds since January 1st, which was eight weeks ago, so that supports my calculations pretty closely. But I would doubt that you body will support that level of weight loss for much longer without changing things up a bit... A few tweaks here and there and I think you can get down to 185 pretty well, and still meet your goal of adding some lean muscle.

And if I can ask one question, why the slimfast?

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