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I do shoalin kung fu, so am expected to do 90 push ups on knuckles ( 30 each set ) and here's a few tips on how to improve the amount you can do and over fitness:

( These are what I do and have clearly worked, so take it for what it's worth )

Always leave a day between work outs, though I stretch every day.
Be sure to drink lots of water! They do a world of good
Warm up before stretching/working out .. a 10 minute run, skipping and so on will help get blood around the body and allow muscles to perform best.
Don't hold back on eating, although you say you would like to lose weight, dieting while working out will only leave you with less energy, eat lots .. but make sure it's healthy and that you work out consistently.

Now for splits ups:

* Breath out on the hardest part < I tend to breath on every rep ( each time I go down ) but this can make you short of breath so if your quick, every second rep, breath out on the way down

* Don't just focus on push ups, if you also did sit ups, back stretches and so on, you'd find they go hand in hand and will greatly help.

<> Gotta shoot off to college and sorry as this is a bit general and not entirely relevant to your question. None the less, it's something to think about and all the best.

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