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The reason I said I wanted to cut back on abs and chest is for 2 reasons. Im 20 rys old and 6 foot 162 pounds. I dont know my body fat percentage but by bodyfat cant be more then 8 percent so my abs have very little fat on them. since they are very clearly visible doing ab work will only make them bulky, i imagine. I'd rather have the flat toned abs then the big bulging ones, ive been doin the 8 minute abs for like 2 years now so they are already nicely developed (I memorized it from all those high school gym classes). I am satsfied with my chest and lats at the moment as well. Like i said I wanna focus on my arms. My bicepts are about 14 1/2 inches, actually my right is, with my left being about 1/4 inch smaller. I dont know why because I dont do extra work on my right arm. Maybe its because i broke my left arm around the bicep area pretty bad when i was in forth grade and im naturally right handed with almost everything. I was hoping to maybe gain 1/4-1/2 inch on the arms. dont have much desire to get any bigger then that. This is attainable because I know my tris could be bigger. So I figured I'd do extra tri and arm work instead of lat/middle lower back and chest. I also run on the alternate day. I just started lifting legs about 3 months ago so I am gonna keep that going at full force after my cardio for the time being. I pretty wanna bulk up my arms a tad and i dont really want my core getting bigger with it, for the time being.

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