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Oh, you are more than welcome! Another one I used to do is where you lay on your back, with your legs up like before except you bring them out to a V. Then you do crunches with your arms straight between your legs. It's a great stretch for your inner thighs and works both lower and upper (mostly upper) abs. You gotta have a lot of space because your legs are all over the place. I would do that at the gym in a private corner where guys weren't around, ya know!

I had read somewhere that the two best ab exercises are the bicycle and the "Captain's Chair". The bicycle is the old-fashioned excercise where you lay on your back and alternately bring knee-to-elbow, straightening the leg after each touch. Now the captain's chair is a piece of equipment at a gym that I've never seen. Mind you, that's what I've read. I think whatever excercise works best for you is the best. What I am using now is the ab machine at the gym that has a roller bar that goes against your chest that you press down against. That works great for me. Good luck!

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