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[QUOTE=Naxis]It's still underweight for that height and if it requires a ton of cardio to maintain, it's not healthy. And if you plan to gain any lean muscle, that will add to your overall weight, even though it will not increase your bulk or fluff. You can still be light and lean, I'm just saying don't get too caught up on the numbers. The scale is not a good gauge of progress.

i agree. i also tend to retain alot of water... i watch my sodium intake..[/B]

For most HIIT, I'd recommend at least 15 to 20 (but 30 tops) minutes, but it depends on how it's done. Exactly how do your sessions work? When I do mine, I jog for one minute, run for 1 minute and sprint for one minute - repeat.

[B]ok, that makes more sense. usually i do 30 seconds jogging; 30 second sprint ( i prefer the shorter intervals b/c i find i push myself harder that way)..but if a minute is better, i am all for it![/B]

*Definitely* watch what you eat. Cardio is helpful, but it is by no means the biggest factor. All the cardio in the world will not compensate for a crappy diet. I can't tell you how many clients I have had that will do hours on the treadmill but stay fat because they refuse to get the diet in check (and then believe they are doomed to fail because of bad genes).

[B]yes, i unfortunately ran into this last week when i was doing crazy cardio and was absolutely ravenous (i call it carb-entitlement syndrome) learned my lesson when my jeans were tight though![/B]

If you're just starting out, you can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time fairly easily. This is the body getting "conditioned". Then there is a plateau because in order to gain significant muscle mass, you have to eat a surplus of calories. However in order to lose fat, you must keep a caloric deficit. It's *possible* to do both by meticulously planning and timing meals, but it's a lot of work and very slow progress in both directions. But I'm guessing that you're not looking to gain much muscle (correct me if I'm wrong... I'm all for it. More muscle = more "tone" :) )

[B]i am really aiming for a lower body fat percentage. mine is 20% right now- the lowest i have had it is 17.5% and i found that the amount of muscle showing through was enough for a 'toned' look. i have a really small frame[/B]

So you might want to see where the initial weight training takes you and decide if you want to add more to it once muscle gain tapers off. As long as you're still eating clean and getting enough protein with the weight training, you can *maintain* muscle while you gear more toward fat loss - which is almost strictly a dietary change.

[B]when you say strictly a dietary change, do you mean maintaining protein intake? how do maintain muscle yet not gain weight? what should my cardio routine look like at this point? how many calories?[/B]

Maintenance is not that tough once you make the training part of your routine.

[B]what would maintainence require?[/B]

Eggs are awesome, good high quality protein, so I'm not knocking it. ;) It's just going to end up being an obscene amount of eggs everyday to get in your protein needs.

[B]Naxis, i love love love eggs. i try and do 5:1 egg whites and eggs ( the fat content of whole eggs is bad, right?).[/B]

You *can* do all those shakes, but I really, really advise against it. One or two tops. You can stick in tuna (for quick, cheap and easy), chicken, soy stuffs, cottage cheese, jerkey etc. Also beware of using so much skim milk. With the lower fat there comes a higher carb count and I personally think that lactose can hinder fat loss.

[B]thats funny you mention the thing about lactose... i have noticed actually since i started drinking more skim milk the weight has stayed on.. so the low carb soy is probably better? it has similar calories. how many servings of protein/ day for my weight?[/B]

I'm also concerned that an espresso is your mid-morning snack. No nutrition at all. It's ok to have one, but you should have other actual food in there, like maybe 1/4 c. nuts?

[B]what kinds of nuts are the best? i like almonds and walnuts... or is there something better?[/B]

You're barely getting about 1100 calories a day which is too little, *especially* if you're exercising. You're eating almost right at your BMR (which is about 1070). You won't gain muscle with too few calories and in fact it's very possible that your body will be more inclined to hold onto fat. I'd recommend eating no less than 1200 calories a day (adding some more unsaturated fats and vegetables) and maybe even 1400 or 1500 on days that you train to cover the extra expended energy and to keep you from losing muscle.

[B]i eat an avocado/ week for good fats. i am so confused about fat though... does you body convert it to fat more easily? atkins says is good, low-fat says no way...yadda yadda...did anyone ever come up with a conclusion.
i do try and eat some broccoli, tho i hate it raw and apparently cooking it kills everything in it... are tomatoes bad? (or less favorable)[/B]

Cardio won't necessarily burn off muscle if your nutrition and meal timing is good. And HIIT is an excellent method for sparing muscle in general.
Hope that's helpful. Keep us posted. :)[/QUOTE]

[B]thanks so much Naxis! i really really appreciate this. you have no idea![/B]

other questions:
[B]how quickly can your body fat percentage change?
my body is 'spoon-shape' unfortunately nothing upstairs, but i carry all my extra weight in my bottom and inner thighs. are there certain excercies to avoid? to squat or not to squat? i have heard thats its bad for my shape, but also that its good... should i use the bike for cardio (ie low impact) i love love love to run tho...[/B]

thanks again!

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