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thanks Naxis... i got so caught up in trying to build muscle that i lost track of the basics- ie. cardio and calorie reduction. seems so obvious, however i was blindsighted by trying to figure out how much protein to consume before/ after lifting, etc. etc.

[QUOTE=Naxis]12-15% bodyfat is not a particularly healthy or likely goal for most women - barring occasional genetic variants. Bodybuilders often clock in at 8-10% and that's very,very lean for a female, usually to the point of becoming anovular.

i think 14-15% is ok for me.

It sounds a lot like you're uncomfortable with your overall size as a result of muscle gain. While you mention your clothes not fitting, I don't know how *lean* you feel you look now. If you're really on a calorie deficit, you should not be gaining more weight (fat or muscle).

i think my metabolism was a little confused as previous to starting weight training i wasnt eating very much- less than 1000 calories/ day. i have been eating about 1200-1500, which i dont think under normal situations would constitute a weight gain- i think my body was a little overwhelmed by this sudden change in added calories. i dont feel happy at 17% at all- the added muscle seems to make the fat more obvious... i have definate problem areas where most of this 17% resides.

Weight training and getting enough protein will help you keep the muscle you have. Cardio and keeping a daily caloric deficit will get you leaner.

if i eat around 1200/ calories a day is this enough to have a calorie deficit, but not too little to slow my metabolism?

If you want to trim some of the muscle (but remember it will also slow metabolism some) do lighter training less often, but still at least once a week. Cardio 3-5x a week, either 45 minute sessions of moderate intensity or 20-30 minute HIIT sessions. I prefer a combination of the two.

i am going to continue the weight training and just up the cardio to 45 minutes at least 4x/ week. i was a bit preoccupied with weight training, sometimes in lieu of cardio. i want to keep the muscle, but ditch the fat.

I'm a vegetarian, so I feel your plight on the protein front, but it can absolutely be done. Since you're not trying to build muscle, 80-90g a day is a good range. Try to get some protein in every meal and make sure you're including some unsaturated fats.[/QUOTE]

i feel so much better not eating animal protein/ dairy. i cant believe the change. i was able to stop using splenda- which i was completely addicted to. vegatarianism is so much more suited to me.

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