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i started noticing that my clothes were fitting tighter and tighter, and that i had gained about ten pounds. i've never been extremely overweight, i've just never had a weight gain issue before. i was getting concerned. i have been exercising regularly for about 12 weeks now. my goal was to lose around 10 pounds and just tone up a little bit. i have noticed a small difference in the firmness of certain areas of my body, but i haven't lost any weight. actually, i seemed to have gained about ten more pounds! now i'm REALLY frustrated, and i'm wondering is this temporary or what. i've heard muscle weighs more than fat, but shouldn't i still be losing weight? i can barely fit in my clothes anymore, how much longer will it take until i will fit in more close the way i used to?

I eat farely well-i think. i don't always eat breakfast, but when i do it is usually something along the lines of granola, fruit bars, oatmeal, or just plain fruit. lunch usually is a sandwich (wheat bread) or burrito, usually a soda, and dinner could consist of many things. i don't fry anything, and i don't eat many potatoes. portions for dinner are usually healthy. snacking - i do snack,maybe once or twice a day. sometimes hostess snacks, sometimes licorice, sometimes chocalte milk. i eat less now than i used to, and i eat more raw foods(fruit/veggies)i don't eat befor bed. i exercise 3-4 times a week for 1-1.5 hours each time. targeting stomache, legs, waist and cardio.
i feel my stomache getting muscle, but it just seems that the more muscle i get the bigger my stomache gets and i wonder when does the fat start to disappear?

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