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You sound like you're looking for toning.

Try basic bicep and tricep exercises with a weight that will allow you to do sets of 15-20 reps. By doing the biceps 3 times a week and the triceps 3 times a week (maybe 5 sets of 15-20 reps) and having a rest day (probably Sunday) you should achieve firmness soon, but it may take a little longer to lose the flab (remember that spot reducing doesnt exist, so you'd have to change your diet for eventual fat loss).

But regular exercies are definitely going to give some firmness and the flab will probably be less apparent.

Try the following basic exercises:

Bicep curls: Stand or sit with back straight. Keep the elbow close to the body and dont move it. The weight should be hanging down by your side or in front of you and should be curled up (elbow doesnt move, it only folds). Curl up with a good motion (say about 2 seconds up, and then another 2 down). When curling down allow the arm to go until its straight, and when curling up, curl as long as you can contract your bicep.

Hammer curls: Like bicep curls. You stand/sit straight and the weights should be facing each other (so your fists are closed over them with the knuckles facing away from you (opposite direction) as if you're holding the steering wheel. The elbow stays still like before and you start with the arm straight down by the side and curl up so the arm does a 90 degree angle movement.

Concentration curls: Keep the elbow still against the inner knee and curl the weight from the arm extended near the feet, right up towardsthe shoulder (you'll be bent down while doing this, you have to sit. Dont put pressure on the back, try and keep it straight)

Tricep exercises:

Kick backs: Put one knee and one hand on a support and keep your back fairly straight. Hold the weight in the other hand and push up your lower arm (backwards) until your whole arm is straight, then bring it back (elbow the pivot as usual).

Another exercise: You can stand or sit. Hold the weight in a hand above the head and slowly bend down the arm (elbow is the pivot) until the weight is behind the head/shoulder, then bring it back up again.

Tricep pushups: Get into pushup position and bring your hands narrower than shoulder leve, so there's only about 6 inches between them. Make sure you're body is nice and straight and you go down as low as possible.

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