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Am doing cardio for now. I havent started doing anything with weights yet. I know I should start though. I just run on the track on weekends and do the treadmill during the week. To tell you the truth I dont know how to start on the weights. Am I making sense? I dont know how to actually do the weight lifting regimine. Can you give me some ideas? Thanks!

Guess what? I couldnt give blood today once again, :rolleyes: because my veins were to little. While they were trying to take blood from my arm, my vein moved to the side messing up the whole procedure. I was happy for a couple of minutes because they somehow found a vein that was big enough for them to take the blood from. Then that incident had to happen.... I was so upset that I wanted to cry. I know it probably something that I shouldnt get work over about but, I just felt bad. Its the second time it happened. Even one of the lady's there told me that it wouldnt be a good Idea for me to give blood anymore :rolleyes: The lady that was taking my blood told me next time around I should drink plenty of water 2-3 weeks before I know that there is going to be a blood drive. But, the thing is I drink water, I just dont get it. I drink at least 6 glasses a day. Am confused about that.. :confused:

I guess this means that am never going to find out my blood type. One of the lady's told me that I would have to go to the doctor and get my blood type. She said the procedure is pretty expensive. Instead, I had to give bone marrow, which is when they take a sample of your blood and use it for bone marrow transplants. You cant get your blood type from bone marrow, because the amount is too small. You need at least a pint of blood to find out blood type. I was soooo upset when i heard that. It just messed up my plans because, I had plans on finding out my blood type so I could do that blood type diet.

well, enough about that. I feel better though. a little. Is it true if you excercise and eat what you want you wont lose weight but you wouldnt gain weight either? Or will you still lose weight regardless because your active? It will just take a very long time?

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