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BFL is a very good, sound beginners program. Great starting point and can very easily reach her goals that way.
Hello Mikeb,
It is great to hear that your wife is interested in getting fit. I think we sometimes just get to the point where we look back and are like, "why didn't I just keep up with being active?" It would have been a lot easier that way. Too bad it most of the time doesn't happen like that.

Anywho, I am not sure what the BFL is, but I know that doing cardio for about an hour 4-5 days a week really helped me. I did 20 minutes of the stationary bike, 20 minutes of the elliptical, and then 20 minutes on the treadmill. I tried to keep my time in between the three cut down so that my heart rate was still elevated. You don't want to get into the same routine though, because your body will adapt and then you won't get results. One day you should do 30 minutes jumping rope, and 30 elliptical, and so on. But cardio is a really excellent way to see results. Also eating less calories than you are burning. That was a tough one for me. I have tried to drop all the fried foods from my diet, and only drink water. For people that don't like water I would recommend adding lemon, or some sort of flavoring, but water is definitely a VITAL part of losing weight. Also, if you have very cold water, you burn more calories that with lukewarm water because your body has to warm it up to be able to use it. My husband put me on a program where we would go to the gym and I would get on the weight training machines and set it to a low weight. He would tell me to do as many reps as I possibly could before I felt like I couldn't do anymore. (Without hurting myself) And then stretch, get some water, walk around and then either go back to the same machine, or go to a different weight training machine. Do this a couple times on a particular part of the body, and you will start to see progress. Eating within 30 minutes of your workouts also keep your metabolism up, so don't skimp out on food because you think it will hurt your results. It will help them. (Just avoid snacking on foods that aren't particularly healthy) Eating smaller meals more often also keeps your metabolism up all day, thus, burning more calories more frequently. -Just some ideas for you and your wife. Sorry for rambling. I hope that I have helped somewhat- Take Care and good luck

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