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You seem to have too little protein. If you're going to be active and want muscle tone you need to get at LEAST .8 grams per pound of bodyweight. To prevent fat gain, the calories added in protein will have to be deducted from somewhere else, so just change up your ratios a bit.
Your workout plan sounds fine, but you might want to swap the order you do weights and cardio in. If you do weights first, you still have glycogen available for energy and have less risk to form. Then as you do your cardio afterward, your body will be able to make use of fat for energy if it needs it (the body cannot use fat for fuel during anaerobic activity). You need at least one day rest from resistance training, but cardio is still acceptable if you're up for it. So I'd aim for 3x a week for weights and 3-5 days of cardio, depending on how you want to do it. Since it's fairly low intensity, you don't have much risk to your muscle mass. Just make sure you eat something as soon as you get home.
I'm not sure if by 'toning' you mean you need to build muscle or if you need to lose some fat, but you will need to adjust calories toward one goal or the other. That will play a big part in how long it will take to see results.

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