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I probably don't eat enough...I try to eat breakfast but since the kids have been off school we end up sleeping in late and by the time i get up make beds and get them ready it's time for lunch...As for lunch i don't eat a very big lunch sometimes i will have a tuna sandwich or a salad or nothing...I'm bad at not eating....As for dinner i always eat, i eat turkey, (turkey sausage, turkey ground meat, turkey meatballs, anything turkey)chicken, fish (only because i have Crohn's disease i can't stomach any other meats), veggies, sometimes i do have pasta's(brown wheat pasta) and rice not often though maybe once a week...I do not eat dairy products...I try to eat alot of fruits and veggies...Breads i eat wheat bread, sometimes i will have an english muffin not to often maybe once a month because i can't stomach but i love them...We don't eat out much but when we do i usually eat salads..The other day i did go to a picnic and ate a hotdog only because i didn't want to be rude....I did the other day have some chocolate not suppose to but i love chocolate, i think that's my only down fall...
As for daily exercise i usually get up in the morning before breakfast (if i eat breakfast that day)and exercise on elipitical machine for about 25 to 30 minutes...Lift some weights, squats, sit ups for about 15 minutes and then when i'm all done i stretch...I try to repeat this at night to...If i don't get the chance to i go for a walk with the kids or go for a swim or bike riding something to keep me busy..
I know i asked on another thread but what about when to exercise before or after meals??I usually exercise early morning before breakfast and i exercise late night around 11...Thanks again

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