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i dont have an answer for you, i just wanted to say that i empathize. :wave:
i tend to gain weight in my thighs and it is the last place to come off. it really bugs me b/c i feel that they are disproportionate to the rest of me. my measurements are 31"-23"-31" and my thighs are 21"! and trust me, they are not muscular at all! and if i lift weights, they get bigger and are almost the same size as my waist, which i think is weird. what can i say, life is not fair. the thigh is an uncelebrated area of fat deposit- lots of me claim to be 'boob' or 'booty' men, but i have yet to meet one that was really into thighs. i have read in a few books that you should try and avoid doing heavy weights with your legs if you have this problem. long distance running seems to help out my situation a bit too. if you find any answers, please let me know!
....i can relate too!! i was born a natural athlete i don't have to work out to get the huge leg muscles that i got.....i've got huge calfs(that any guy would kill for) and huge thighs too. my upper body is smaller but i am still a very well built person. i could never imagine myself as a skinny person(model), it is just not possible. i do physical activies(every sport that exists) basically everyday. i have found that aerobic does nothing to reduce the size. i also have tried to involve more lunges and squats, maybe i would get a more toned look. that didn't work either it only made them bigger!!! as for jean foreget it, annieBo is right, tailor made is an option. because the perfect waist size means the thighs will be tight as hell. actually there is another option for can always buy men's jeans...i have a pair or two....i buy the low rise ones that they have doesn't look too bad and it is COMFORTABLE!!! anyway i was thinking of trying pilates.....maybe i can elongate my muscles....who knows!!!! no worrys!!!!

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