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just to clear up, no one on this thread said anything about that fact that you "should" extend your knee past your toes -- the first poster who described how to do a squat said to make sure your TOE extends past your KNEE -- i think the way that was written was just confusing, but it was correct technically, so no worries, i think everyone knows that your knee should never go past your toes! lol just wanted to get everyone on the same page! :)

anyway, in response to the question of time from the original poster, i started taking a kickboxing class and a step class at my gym two months ago (so 8 weeks) 5 - 6 days a week. the kickboxing class that involves lots of "donkey" kicks and side kicks (great for your butt!) and also a lot of squats and lunges. and the step class is, well exactly what it sounds like lol, and step is literally like an hour straight of doing stairs and stair type exercises so it DEFINITELY gives a great butt workout. everyone is different, but for me it took 4 weeks to see results, as a result of those workouts AND making sure i was losing fat (caloric deficit of about 600 calories everyday).

it's been 8 weeks now and the results are incredible! my thighs have slimmed down so much (two pant sizes!) and my butt has definitely lifted. what i love about squats is that since they build up your butt MUSCLES your butt becomes toned but still stays rounded and you dont lose any of your natural shape or curves -- and according to ALL my guy friends, a little junk in the trunk is a VERY good thing :).

good luck with whatever kind of leg routine you are continuing with, if you stick with it im sure you'll see results in 3 weeks or so, especially becuase it does not sound like you have any fat to lose really. have fun!

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