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1. I would bump up the intensity of your cardio. Walking is literally the bare minimum. Jog, use the elipticals, roller blade, jump rope, HIIT... whatever you have to do, keep pushing your body or it will just get used to the routine and it won't be doing much good. Power walking is ok, but higher intensity = more calories burned. Get the most out of your workout.
2. Your strength training isn't too bad, but dont work *any* muscle every day. Maybe work upper body one day and lower the next, but the muscles need time to rest and recover. You might consider doing a little more havy work also. Building some good lean muscle will help increase metabolism and increase fat burning. Pushups are ok, but you're not working your back, biceps or shoulders. If you can do pullups, that would be awesome. If not, some kind of row exercise will do the trick. And just in case you're worried, this will not make you 'bulky'. You will see tone before you will ever see bulk. Women just don't have the testosterone to become muscle bound on accident.
Have you ever worked your calves? I know you don't want to make them any larger, but you can tone them up and make them firmer by adding maybe one calf exercise each week. As you get leaner (and you don't really have very far to go) the tone will be more noticeable.
3. Count calories, at least for a little while. Get in idea of how much you're actually eating now. Start a food journal and keep track of a week or so. Don't forget to include all drinks, condiments, snacks and such. It will give you a better idea of what needs to be changed. Here's a diet 'basics' post. Might help you organize macronutrients to your best advantage:
Hope that's helpful. You can accomplish a lot by Christmas if you're persistent.

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