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Firstly, as StrtnOut said.. "you are so young and still growing you need to make sure you are getting the proper amount of calories in order not to starve your body"

Secondly, I have a question about your activity level before you started using your treadmill?

When I first started working out I was 40lbs heavier than I am now. I never exercised or cared what I ate. I was completely inactive and it showed in my waistline, butt, get the picture.

When I first started working out the treamill was my cardio of choice. I would started trying to jog (with an unrealistic goal of 30min.) but after 5 minutes @ 4.5mph, I would be panting and then I'd have to stop. Obviously, I was in bad shape.

But I went back on that treadmill everyday. Soon I was making it to 10 min. @ 4.5mph, then 20 min. @ 4.5mph, then 20 min @ 5.0mph...and so on. I found that after of month I dropped twenty pounds before I even knew it.

The reason I lost so much weight so fast (without dieting) was because my body had been in such a sedentary life for so long that once I put it to work, it went into shock and started using up it's reserves (fat) very inefficiently.

Once my body got used to this activity, continuing weighloss was be slower....really slow. The body is a very efficient machine and it will always try to condition itself to use up less energy to do the same activity (like jogging).

energy = calories

Notice how things get easier the more you do it...bc your body found an efficient way to do that activity.

Solution, change it up a bit. Up the intensity level, use a different cardio machine, do interval training instead of jogging at a steady pace, start using weights to build muscle. Point is, if your body gets used to a particular activity it will become very efficient and it will use up less energy doing the same activity. Try to keep your body as inefficient as possible .... which is definitely harder to do if you have been working out for many years.

= Inefficient car [40L tank] uses (burns) up more gas (gas=calories)
= efficient car [40L tank] uses up less gas
= so at the end of the race (30 min @ 6mph), inefficient car burned all of his gas ....whereas efficient car has 1/2 tank of gas left...efficient car will have to continue for another 30min @ 6mph to burn all of his gas
= therefore, inefficient body will burn more calories than a body that is efficient
= eventually, inefficient body will become efficient and weighloss will be a lot slower.

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