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Hi All,
I do cardio for 30 mins a day, six days a week. I am slowly increasing that by 5 mins each week. I would like to implement some sort of weight lifting because I heard it speeds up weight loss and I could certainly use some tone. How do I incorporate this into my workout plan? Aren't I supposed to alternate cardio and weightlifting every other day? I would like to stick with my cardio every day and then add in weightlifting every other day. Is that safe? I have heard mixed reviews about lifting weights right after cardio. Also, I DO NOT WANT TO BULK UP WHATSOEVER. I am short with a pretty small frame but I feel like I look football playerish (broad shoulders and whatnot) in fact, I sorta look like this guy..notice the short legs and broad shoulders > :wave: My dad was short and stalky and I hate that I think I inherited that. I only want to tone and lengthen--not get Schwarzenegger-izd. How much weight should I lift and how many reps. I am 5'1" 138- I've lost 8lbs in about a month. Any advice?

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