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i'm no expert, but i'm a big fan of not pushing myself (i'm a runner), so personally i prefer gradual time increases to build stamina. for me, an extra five minutes ain't gonna do anything to my state of mind, but tell me to run faster for two minutes and it feels like the longest two minutes of my life! just a personal thing, but here's what i'd recommend:

first, make sure you do *gradual* increases. i don't know how many days a week you jog, but try to increase the second day five minutes just to start. (ie run five minutes longer on tuesday than monday and on friday than thursday, or something like that) it can even start out as just one day that is five minutes more in a week. then stick with that for two weeks. after two weeks, then do a little more increase. that way you give your body time to get used to the changes and you gradually develop more endurance. also, the staggering is nice and kind of fun! good luck!

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