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[QUOTE=Raine Bow]Hi,

I have it in my head that if you do cardio workouts after you get up in the morning before breakfast, it jumpstarts your metabolism. But when I try it, I am hungry in the morning and I am sluggish when I go through my routine of stretching, pushups, sittups, ect. Do I need to grin and bear it till my body gets up to speed or am I doing something wrong?

I was reading a post recently and one of the members said that if you do chiefly cardio, you will lose muscle mass. I do 4 hours of TaeKwonDo a week, plus other cardio related chores such as raking the lawn,( I have an acre + of leaves that I rake up.) cleaning stalls and horseback riding. I really want to keep my cardio so I can increase my endurance. I've already noticed a difference when I am walking, I am not tired and out of breath when I am done. But I don't want to lose any muscle. Any suggestions, thoughts, comments?[/QUOTE]

Cardio is crucial to your workouts. I do believe that all cardio and no strength training is not a good thing but better than nothing at all. You can lose muscle if your cardio routine is extreme. I have a friend who runs every day 10 miles with no strength training at all and she has muscle waste and looks anorexic. It sounds as if you have a very active life and you should be commended but I really do feel you should start incorporating some weights in your exercising. As for when to do it? Everyone is different for me I find my morning workouts with nothing but a full glass of water in me are the best. It gets me going big time throughout the day. Some days due to my schedule I have to my workouts after work and although it's a good workout I do not feel I am getting my best as opposed to the mornings..Lisa

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