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Well it sounds like your off to a good start. Your basically doing 'circuit training' which is a good way to get some cardio into your weight lifting program. Basically I do the same/similar thing you do. I usually try to hit a certain body area in my cycles though. Example, hit your arms up by doing 3 or 4 different routines back to back and do several sets of those. Bicep curls, tricep extensions, back to biceps doing a different curl, then cross back to triceps, etc. Circuit training can be very successful.

You should also vary your workout routine from week to week at the least. Getting in a very set routine each and ever workout eventually defeats the purpose to some extent as your body need to 'cross train' and get some new exercises to continue to be successful. You won't get as much out of a workout routine if you've been doing the same thing time and time again for weeks on end. Try to change it up, a slightly different bench press lift, maybe an inclined lift instead of flat, arms slightly wider or a closer grip, etc. Try that.....

As far as diet. Don't bother with the toast. Eating a ton of bread is 'horrible' for you. Stick with high protein meats (low fat). If your wanting to get alot of protein, check out the protein powders as they are very beneficial for you.

Stay away from crap food, pop, deep fried stuff, breads, junk food, heavy foods like pizza, etc. All those are not very beneficial to you when it comes to living a healty lifestyle.

Hope this helps a bit.....

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