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I'm 18 and I have a fairly fast metabolism. My main aims are to burn a bit of fat, and to build a lot of muscle. I've been working out at home, but recently joined a gym to make my workouts more serious and more varied.

Basically what I'm looking for is the optimal plan.

What I usually do: (in the following order)

-Have a meal/snack, usually more carbs than proteins and fat.

-Go to the gym

-Cardio for about 15-30 minutes (I might increase this, so I can increase my endurance and improve my fitness. Advice will be appreciated)

-Water, to keep me going, and a little bit of my protein shake.

-Workout (20-40 minutes).


-Triceps and Pecs (I find that my shoulders are worked as well. Should I keep a seperate day for my shoulders, or will this be enough? I have heard that people overtrain the deltoids because of pec/tricep exercises, and I don't want to overtrain. Advice appreciated.)

-Biceps and upper/lower back

-Legs and Abs

(Are my combinations good, or should I rearrange them? Which muscle groups am I missing out on? Advice appreciated).

Note: Protein shake taken at intervals during my muscle training.

-End of workout. Finish my protein shake, and make my way home.

-Wake up next morning and feel extremely sore. Boy, don't you love that feeling?


I'd appreciate any advice (as you may have noticed), on my schedule.

The main things I'm looking at:

-should my cardio be before, after, or before and after? What kind of cardio am I reccomended to do, and how much? (Keeping my aims in mind)

-am I taking my protein shake correctly?

-are there any major flaws in my schedule?

-can I work the biceps and the back the day after the triceps and the chest?

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