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I have been doing some research on how to shape the lower leg area and thought you may be able to shed some light on this from your experiences in fitness.

My problem area is my calf/ankle area. There is not much definition and shape, and although through years of hardwork they are getting better. I'm still not seeing the results I desire. You probably have heard the term "cankles". I have a bit of cankle goin on.

Although I have lost alot of weight..the stubborn fat in this area is not givin in without a good fight!

What do you recommend to fix this?

I have designed an intensive workout to do once a week which consists on alot of skipping which includes skipping on one leg, step-ups,calf raises and plyometrics. After all of this, my legs hurt for a few days. So I assume something is happening.

I think the area that needs working on is referred to as the "solecus?" (something like that, its the part above the ankle,but not quite the calf) and to work this part, you have your knee's bent while doing calf raises?

This true?


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