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it depends on what your personal situation is and what your goals are. but, i'd say the best bet is to have something high in carbs before (primary energy source for the body). ten percent of the calories of the meal should come from protein. this is the percentage of energy that comes from protein during a work out- this ensures the body won't use to burn lean muscle for energy instead. but anymore than this will hinder energy levels as protein is harder to digest and you want your energy for exercising not digesting a heavy meal. after a nights sleep you won't have eaten probably for about ten hours resulting in your blood sugar levels being low and your glycogen levels partially depleted. exercising with no breakfast will make it hard to exercise at optimal levels due to these low levels. something like a smoothie with some muesli in is a good option. dont' make the meal too big though, again as the body will be lumbered with digesting a big mean which is very energy consuming.
after the work out have a bigger breakfast. ideally this should be consumed after having a high GI snack to raise blood sugar levels back to normal 15 minutes before the big breakfast and straight after you've finished the workout (one of the few occasions high Gi snacks are useful) but this high Gi snack is not essential. having the big breaky will stabalise the blood sugar levels that have been raised by the high GI snack. the breakfast should contain plenty of carbs to replenish glycogen stores and also good amounts of protein to begin the muscle building/ repair process. it should be eaten within 45 minutes of the workout (the best time to get protein into your system after working out and glycogen replenishment is at its quickest within the first two hours after exercise).


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