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3272 cals, 404 g of protein, 298 g of carbs, and 50 g of fat. This will supply your body with enough of the right macronutritents to build muscle without putting on fat. If you main focus is weigh loss, I suggest you start here and reduce 100 calories a week, but not from your protein.

Doing cardio after weight training is not a good idea. If you have trained intensely your body is in tremendous need of glucose and protein to stop the catabolic effects that weightlifting produces. The longer your wait to feed it, the lower your blood sugar drops and the more muscle your waste. It doesn't matter if just go home and dont eat for an hour you are still hurting your progress, but doing cardio afterwards puts even more stress on your body creating an even more catabolic environment for the muscle you just trained. This is a biochemical process that happens in [B]all [/B] of us. There is no way around it. If your are trying to improve your body, building muscle has got to be a top priority therefore, preserving muscle is just as important. The advice I am presenting is based on the most [B]up-to-date[/B] research in sports science. I am not just pulling this out of my hat. People who are on the "lunatic fringe" of bodybuilding are the ones using illegal drugs which make their training programs unrealistic for natural bodybuilders. Slipping in 16 minutes of cardi is not unreasonable for the majority of people who are dedicated to their fitness goals. Combined weight lifting and cadio time, I am in the gym just about an hour a day. That is far from being a lunatic. I have acheive more gains in TWO years traing this way then I did in the prior eight before that. Something speaks for that, and it is the direct research that supports the training plan I currently follow.

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