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Ha Ha :jester: , no that is not what I meant, my butt is just so much bigger than my waist I would'nt mind making a little more even. My waist is size 0 and my butt is a size 5. It literally looks like you could set a drink on it and not have to worry about it going anywhere. While my husband loves my butt it sure does make wearing pants with out a belt a problem. I do something called Prone Iso Abs (off the web) and try to do a few shoulder excercises but no I don't do alot of back work. I have trouble standing up straight for long because it hurts the middle of my back bone. What might fix that? I also do pec curls but I am still doing what I started with 6 weeks ago and it really is not much of a challenge. I want to get more out of it but I am worried that more weight with make me look too muscular. my arms already look pretty defined. I could use a little toning up on my love handle area, mostly in the back. Sounds like maybe I could use some back excercises. I have 2 5lb weights, 1 10lb weight, 1 15lb weight, and some resistance bands. Do I need anything else?

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