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Off the top of my head, I'd say WAY too much bread, way too little protein. You have to cut or at least curb the bread addiction. It will absolutely cause you problems. Most breads, even the ones with highER fiber, are still very high GI and cause insulin spikes which lead to fat gain as well as perpetuating the cravings. I'd challenge you to cut bread altogether for a whole week. It will get your blood sugar on an even keel and give you a chance to make better dietary habits; get used to having something other than bread for a bit. Then if you MUST have bread, a single slice in the morning with maybe a hard boiled egg would still be okay because you will have some time to burn it off. Consider it a treat instead of a staple.
A good veggie and spinach salad with fish or chicken would be an infinitely better meal than bread, sauce and cheese. The bread meal has very little nutritional value at all. The key is really to get as much nutrition as you can. If your body has proper materials, it can use them and will not resort to storage (fat). You also have almost no protein in your diet and that will hinder fat loss because you cannot build or maintain lean muscle without sufficient protein. And less lean muscle means lower metabolism. It's a vicious cycle to get into. If you can, try to include at least one item with lean proten in every meal. Eggs, tuna, salmon, chicken or turkey breast, cottage cheese, natural yoghurt... a little of any of those.
Also, I don't know how many nuts you eat for snacks, but on your example day (not counting nuts) you're *barely* hitting 1000 calories. You are not eating enough. Eating too little is actually worse than eating too much because this also slows metabolism and starts a starvation response which basically causes your body to eat up lean muscle mass and actually *hang onto fat*. You need to be eating at least 1400 to 1500 calories a day, especially for all the exercising you do. When you start journaling starting today, make note of the calories you're actually getting in, in case I'm way off. I promise you that if you fix your diet content, and eat a little more you will start to see progress.
As far as retaining water, of course watching sodium helps but also try drinking about 2 litres of water a day. It will encourage your body to continuously flush rather than retain water - I hike a lot too, I know exactly how you feel. :)
As for your weights, I'd still recommend doing them before your cardio. A 10 to 12 rep range is just fine. No need at all to go higher weight, lower rep. Diet is going to be your biggest hurdle, but once you make some changes, your body will definitely respond.

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