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My routine
Mar 26, 2006
im 18 years old, 120 lbs and 5' 7".(really skinny) my workout is every other day.
3 sets of all
Bench press- 12/80 lbs
Lat pulldown- 10/80
Preacher curl- 10/30
Bench Fly- 5/80
Upright row- 10/60-also go up on toes as i bring up hands to chest.
sits up w/ feet on chair- 140 with 10 lbs weight
in addition to that i do about 2 hours of martial arts a week.
i have a six pack but only when i really tighten. my diet is good for it. what else can i do? i have the 6 pack but when i sit down its all flabby and whatnot. how can i fix that. how can i get bigger arm muscles? also i heard working out releases hormones which might make you grow if you never did before?
Re: My routine
Mar 27, 2006
What Max has said is good advice. Common feeling is that you shouldn't work the same body part more than twice a week, ideally just once if the workout is intense enough.

To get real gains you need to increase the intensity of the workout, and do different muscles each workout. Every 6 - 8 weeks change your routine and do different excerises for the muscles to keep the progress happening - doing the same exercises over and over will only develop the muscle to a certain level and often won't work all of the muscle.

If you're doing 3 workouts a week, consider for example:

Workout 1

Workout 2
Upper Legs

Workout 3
Lower legs

For sets, I normally do 4 or 5 sets on each muscle group, doing pyramids so that:

Set 1: 10 reps, weight set so only last 2 or 3 reps are difficult.
Set 2: 8 reps (or 10 again if doing 5 sets), weight goes up so last 4 are tough.
Set 3: 8/6 reps, weight up again. All but first couple should be [b]hard[/b]
Set 4: 6/4 reps, weight up again. This should be really hard.
Set 5: 4 reps, max effort. May need spotter to assist - 100% effort.

By working at this intensity, you will get more muscle fibers involved and therefore develop bigger muscle mass.

Your six-pack question is simple: only controlling your diet even more tightly will lose the fat that covers your six pack - you sound exactly like me. I've got the muscles there, and they're well defined too, but I (like most people) still have a layer of fat that sits over them so they aren't that visible when relaxed/sitting down. You need a very low body fat % to get well defined 6 pack all the time.

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