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I am overweight, but am working on it with a lower fat diet and am ready to incorporate exercise to it. I also had a minor back surgery a year ago, so lifting weights is not an option unless they are extremely light.
I started water aerobics at the Y, but my work has started a walking contest. I thought, ooooh this would be great!
It's a 1.2 mile route that the employees can walk (Or run) while on lunch or before work. (The contest itself requires to walk the route 50 times between April 1st and October 1st)
I walked the route this past wednesday, trial basis, and boy could my upper legs feel it lol. But anyways, the next day I noticed front shin pain..pretty painful, and no pain in the upper legs. And even today I can still feel it, not as bad, but if I rub the area its tender to the touch. ouchy!
Is it from over-exercising? And how long will it be before it goes away?

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