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hi all,

i'd really appreciate some advice here. i currently work out around 4ish (time i fininsh work in the week). it last about an hour but is intensive (i try to keep a realld good pace all the way) and i was looking to do it instead before work, ealry in the morning. the problem i've had in the past is that i find i don't have as much energy in the mornignas around 4ish. i feel really hungry and in the past when i've gone a bike ride after a small breakfast my legs just haven't had the energy for the big hills of north wales. i know that solid food in the stomach takes a while to yield its energy, but liquid does so quicker. so as a solution to my problem i was thinking o having a liquid meal. my question is how much is glycogen depleted during the night? and whats the max number of calories you'd suggest, and how long before in liquid form, in a pre-workout energy rich drink to not only refuel me after my fast, but give me enough energy but without giving me indigestion. hope i explained that okay!


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