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[QUOTE=hitmanfan]hey guys im 18 years old and im tall (6'5, 180 pds) and im looking to run over the summer, and im also looking to getting abs and eating healthy. Can you guys recommend me any tips on what i should do? (How many mins/miles i should run over a day, how many crunches, etc) Thanks for reading and i look forward to responses.[/QUOTE]

As someone who used to be a long-distance runner, I have a few tips for you:

1. Get some really good running shoes.
2. If you run outdoors, try to find a track or walking trails. Running on pavement is a lot harder on your body. If you run a treadmill, find one that as a soft deck.
3. Listen to your body. Running can be hard on your body and will cause your legs to wear out faster. That's why I can no longer run. The knee problems were just too much. So if you develop problems with your knees, shins, feet, or back, give your a break.
4. If you're looking to get abs, then you need to lower your overall body fat. Running is a great way to burn calories, but eating a very clean diet is even more important. Don't worry about how far or how fast you run. What's more important is the intensity. You'll want to run at around 60-80% of your maximum heart rate, which is 220-your age in years. Over time, you won't have to pay attention to your heart because you'll know your body well enough to guage if you're working too hard or not hard enough. The pace should be something you can sustain for 30-60 minutes. Avoid running for more than 60 minutes per session.
5. Don't worry about doing cruches. They don't burn many calories and until you burn off the fat covering them, you won't see the results of doing crunches anyway. But when you run, or do any other exercise, you'll be contracting your abs without even thinking about it.

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