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Well,I'm not Naxis,but maybe I can help.I'm guessing the product you have is a Whey protein,which is a fast acting protein that si great for before/after workouts because it gets absorbed quickly.The company wants you to drink it so much because they want you to buy as much of it as possible,don't drink it every 2-3 hours,you should get some real protein from real foods like beef,chicken,tuna and eggs.

Everything I have read and heard says the best time for whey protein is right in the morning when you wake up,right before working out and right after.You don't need to take it 30 minutes after as long as you get something good to eat like maybe a Tuna sandwich on whole wheat which provide you with complex carbs and real protein which will last you through out after the workout.

Before bed is a good time for protein,but not Whey because it gets absorbed to fast,you need something that works slower,there is a protein called Casein which is made for this purpose,it's a shake you drink before bed and it provides you with slower digesting protein.Now if you can't get some Casein right away,you can just mix your Whey shake with some non-fat milk(where both whey and casein come from)and eat something like some turkey slices and that should be pretty good for providing you with nurishment during sleep.

As for how much you need,I have been told it's one gram per pound of lean muscle,so if you are a 200 pound man with 10% BF,you would need about 180 grams,It does'nt have to be an exact science unless you are planning on being a competing bodybuilder.

Try to get as much protein as you can from real food and not shakes,the shakes are just for convenience before and after workouts and when you wake up.It's good you read what the directions are and try to follow them,but to drink a whey shake every 3 hours is not really needed.

And to answer your last question,protein in no way will harm your growth and development,it's one of the things needed to grow,trying searching in a search engine using terms like 'protein and growth' and you will see what I'm talking about.

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