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I began an intense diet and workout regime during the past two weeks. At 5'8" and 190 lbs, I have 27% body fat. Visually I'm not obese, just muscular and chubby in the stomach and chest area. More than anything I want to lose the chest fat (man boobs) which will require lots of cardio and weight lifting since I don't want surgery.

My cardio consists of a 50 minute session of walking and running (5 minute intervals of each) every other day. I burn 400 calories, and 65 carbs over 3.1 miles traveled. During this time I consume a whole 20oz bottle of Gatorade which is 130 calories and 35g carbs/sugar. Is doing this drinking calories defeating the purpose of trying to lose weight, or should I not be concerned? I could always resort to a bottle of water, but Gatorade has me thinking it provides energy.

My eating habits have been pretty good, probably 1500 calories or less a day. Following 2 packets of oatmeal I'll either lift or cardio for an hour, followed by shower and protein shake. Wait another 3 hours and have chicken and salad, followed by fruits for snakes. I allow myself one cheat meal a week, and nothing extreme. After two weeks I feel more energy to increase cardio and lift more weight. My weight lifting sessions on off days from cardio involves a Total Gym and barbell lifting at incline position.

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