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[QUOTE=AmbitionBaby]Im doing them everyday^^^^, Someone please REPLY!!![/QUOTE]

You do not need to train your abs everday, in fact contrary to popular belief, if you train your abs properly you only need to train them with 4-6 sets once a week. Abs like any other muscle respond to overload. Meaning, they will grow when you force them to grow, and they will only grow when you rest them properly. This is best achieved with weights, intensity, and rest. In my expirence, the two best ab exercises are weighted leg lifts and cable crunches. Use enough weight that allows you to get 8 reps but no more then 12 reps. If you can do 12 reps, add weight. You must train every set to absolute postive failure while making sure to keep a solid mind-muscle connection with your abdominals. If you train effectively I guarantee once a week is all you will need to effectively build your abs.

Now, in order for you to see them you must drop your bodyfat. Diet is the key for that. How low you have to take you bodyfat is going to depend on how well you have developed your abs.

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