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I am looking to get in shape and loose few extra pounds (mostly gut) but I am not sure what is the best way to do so. My main questions are regarding the type of workout needed as I am not interested in drugs or making dramatic changes to my eating habits. I am 6'1" @ 190lb and I just want to get fit - flatten my stomach and have the energy to be able to jump out of bed, run three miles and not loose breath :) . So here are my questions:

1. Should I focus on cardio only or also lift weights?
2. How often should I go to the gym and how often do cardio/weights?
3. If weights are necesarry should one day be for chest, one for back and so on or workout everything at the same time (I can only afford an hour a day at the gym)?
4. Should I work out it the morning or in the evening?
5. Is 3 meals a day good enough or is it realy necessary to eat every 2-3 hours?

In the past I have been working out 5-6 days a week with a day of cardio after a day of weights. My cardio consisted of 4 miles runs at 6mph and weights consisted of 6 exercisses (3 back, 3 chest) and would last about an hour. After 2 months I saw my waist shrink and my legs build muscle but I didn't see any results of weights workouts. I am not sure if the cardio was to agressive or was weight lifting not agressive enoutg. Anyway, I am looking to set up a routine that I know will work and than just stick to it. Thanks for any input...

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