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Enlarge Shoulders
Aug 5, 2006
Hey, all. As my signature shows, I'm a male, and I'm very short. As a result of that, my shoulders are also very narrow, and I look scrawny (width from shoulder to shoulder is about 14-1/2 inches). I don't want to look so thin, I want to have a much wider, firmer build. I've heard that one of the things that can make a person appear wider is excercizing deltoids. I know that the deltoids are a muscle that cannot be oversized much, but how much wider do you think my shoulders can get if I work out?
Bump. Any ideas?
Well, working deltoids alone will not do what you want, but working your whole upper body (and ideally, lower body as well) will make you more proportionately larger in the arms and shoulders (and whole upper body) and give you a better taper and wider appearance. Do you have a workout regimen now?
No, I do not currently work out. Otherwise, I would probably have more muscle tone. I think I will start soon. And thank you for the information.

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