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i have been working so so hard to get my ultimate body and yes i do have a ways to go but something is not adding up. i am on a clean low calorie diet, i exersise 6 days a week...and the scale reads me at 110 pounds now and i am 5'3. why am i not looking that thin? i always pictures me at this weight being victorias secrets model thin (not sickly model thin but thin and lean without that icky anorexic look) and it isn't panning out. i believe from the bottom of my hear tf you work at it, you can achieve your dream body. i am so not even there and i thought because of my low weight i would be. my mid section is still very very big especially for my weight. my torso is wide as well as my hips, my tummy pops out even farther than my legs are thick and jiggly...yet my shoulders and back look gaunt my face looks gaunt and my chest has ribs popping out. its like, my body is so out of wack..what am i doing wrong?! do i just need to give it more time...its been already almost 5 months and ive lost like 40 pounds. help!:yawn:

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