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Re: Maintenance
Aug 11, 2006
No need whatsoever to do daily ab work. 10 minutes twice a week is *plenty* for basic core strength. I only work abs once a week, personally. 2 days a week of strength training is really not that much (I'm assuming they're full body workouts) so I wouldn't advise dropping it to one day. And since you aren't using especially heavy weights, it's improbable that you will gain any more weight/muscle unless you change your routine and increase the stress.
When did you have your last child? Has your waist gotten bigger in just the last few weeks or progressively since you started working out? Has your diet changed at all lately? You're still really lean, it's just thickness? It's rare and unusual for exercise to significantly increase waist size. There just aren't a lot of bulky muscles in the core and you have to work them heavy and often to get any real thickness. We might look for other causes.

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