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I am away for the weekend so I will see if I can come up with a timetable for you next week.

Rest meaning..24 hours for the muscle you are working on. The next day work on a different muscle group. I understand you do not need to be a muscle head but just working on one body part will not give you the results you are looking for. You will not get huge muscles from using that weight anyway. But you want to tone up all areas so your posture is better. Also weight resistance and lifting burns calories all day and boosts your metabolism and sereton levels. EX: Monday - walk, shoulders, back, stretch Tue. walk, Bi ceps, triceps, stretch. and so forth.

Reps. Yes, some you will be doing 10 reps 3 times for a total of 30 =with a minute between sets and 5 minutes between different exercises. So it can take you up to 45 minutes to get through your routinue.

Can you go to a libray and rent a body shaping video? This would be helpful for you to see how the exercises I am telling you to do are performed. It is hard to put it in words and like I have told you before...Form is everything. with free weights.
I hope this answers some of your questions....[/QUOTE]

Hi, no problem, I can wait for the timetable. Thanks. If you could write down the days, Monday to Friday or Monday to Sunday (whatever you think is best) and then give me the name of the exercises I do for the different days, how many reps and for how long that would be great.

So I use 11lb weights, is this enough? I didnt know you can burn calories by weight lifting, how many calories can you burn in a typical 45 minute session?

Well I could go to the libary but Im not a member and its a lot of hassle. If you can tell me the names of the exercises you will be showing me, I can find a video of it on the internet.

I really dont see how weight lifting will help my back though, its rounded so how is building up the strength in my back going to make my back normal again? I guess my back is rounded because of poor posture so my body believes the way I sit and stand is correct. How is building muscle going to reprogram my posture? Does my brain know whats good posture but has just forgotten it and weight training reprogrammes this or are my muscles too weak to support my bad posture? How does it work? I am sitting straight now and correcting my posture, why isnt this enough to correct my back? Am I sitting correctly for nothing? Sitting like this really aches my back.

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