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Im a teenager, about 5'4'', and weigh about 140lbs
- My stomach isnt immense but its not flat. Its "pudgy" and i was wondering how i can make that go away? I try to run a mile sometimes but i always seem to get a bad headache afterwards and a need to vomit. My friend said im not breathing right but i didnt know there was a certain way to breathe. So instead of running, would riding my bike for an hour around the neighborhood be ok? I would go at average speed, not flooring it but not slow. Or are there better ways to lose stomach fat?
- I am also wanting to work on my abs (as soon as i lose the stomach fat of course) to have them become more defined. What excercises are good for abs? I cant join a gym since i have no car and my parents get home late. Would doing crunches be ok? What else can i do?
- I have been noticing that im getting some fat in my pec area. Would riding my bike help to burn off that fat or is there a certain work out i can do to help get rid of it?
- I also want to get my arm muscles a little bigger. They are actually not that bad, if i flex you can certainly see them but i want them a little bigger. I have some small weights, would those work to help me get bigger muscles or would i have to get some heavier ones? They are 10lbs i think
- I have also gotten some love handles and fat on my back that i would like to get rid of, so would bike riding be ok for that too?
- And i know to achieve a lot of this stuff i must have a good diet but what should i not be eating besides junk food? And is there anything i should eat alot of to improve the diet?

Sorry for it being so long but thank you to everyone who too the time to read/help me :)

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