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I have Cell-Tech in powder form it is Creatine. Im working out 3 days a week because im on the football team im the running back.. I was wondering what's the correct and most effeicent way to use it, dosage etc. ? Any help would be great thank you.
The best way to use creatine to date is to load it for 3 consecutive days (15-25 grams body weight dependant) and then cycle off of it for 3 consecutive days. Stick to this cycle strictly. It doesn't matter if the days that you take it fall on the days that you workout or not. Just keep with the cycle and you will rep great benefits from this awsome supplement. On the days you take it: Immediately before your workout, immediately after, another dose about 2 1/2 hours after your workout, and then your final serving later in the day, or if you workout at night take your first serving first thing in the morning.
Wow multiple dosages in a day sounds extreme. I tried taking some before a workout, and my muscles felt like they were going to pop. So I usually take it immediatly after a workout and on days I don't workout. But when I take a lot of creatine, my nose gets dry and I feel dehydrated. I've also seen greater results while drinking lots of water.

When you load for the first 3 days, can you workout also?
Yes, the loading cycle of three days on and three days off is not workout dependent. Meaning, wherever the three days fall (as it will change week to week) you take it. Whether it is on a workout day or not.

Creatine is extremely hydrophilic, meaning it draws water to itself. When you take creatine you should always take it with at least 12 oz of water, if you are taking it in conjunction with protein and glutamine (which is good) then you should be consuming at least 18 oz of water with it.

One of the greatest benefits of creatine is its ability to pull more water into muscles cells which is very beneficial to anabolism (muscle growth). If you dont take it with (or daily drink) enough water you will limit the benefits of creatine.
and caffeine limits the uptake of creatine

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