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Okay I am an 19 year old male who has been weight training for one year now I am 6'2 200 Ilbs. I have gained good muscle mass, I am also currently on Creatine Plus (Monohydrate) I was wondering though, how do I get a wider waist?, and thicker wider love handles?, and an overall thicker rounder, bigger body frame?, i do free weight deadlifts and squats also. Because my waist is pretty small but gets more muscular and wider towards my pecs, and shoulders.
why would you want a thicker waist? You want to have a tappered upper body. There is nothing you can do to change your genetic make up. Your body is going to respond to training the way it is going to. If you are dead set on getting thicker waist just adopt a standard american diet and I promise you will be there in few years! However, such a diet is not healthy. To build a more muscular midsection you are doing all you can by doing free weight barbell squats and deadlifts, just make sure to go heavy.
Thanx alot Max, I mean i don't want a thick or fat sloppy waist but I guess I phrased it wrong, i meant a more muscular midsection, but thanx alot for the tips, and plus I'm still genetically growing anyway seeing that I'm only 19 right?
the squeeze ball like things are for the wrist i believe.
Yeah dude, you are definitely still growing. If you are having problems developing your midsection then take a hard look at what you are doing for ab training. Abs like any other muscle will only grow if you overload them. The most effective way to overload any muscle is with heavy weight and maxium intensity. When it comes to doing abs, the mind-muscle connection becomes even more important to ensure you are effectively hitting the target muscle group. Make sure you really focus on working your abs durning abdominal exercises. Stick with exercises such as cable crunches, weighted crunches, and weighted leglifts. Train your abs in the 10-12 rep range to absolute failure, and only 5 or 6 heavy sets just once a week. That is all you need on top of doing squats and deadlifts. Stay consistant with what I suggest and you will see results.

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